Pregnancy clothes used to be in the earlier days like a shapeless sack, but those days are gone, as the new era has begun, pregnancy clothes have evolved into a more fashionable track.

Proper clothes during pregnancy  are very important as a prenatal care, and  women has to be careful about it. The more comfortable maternity clothes you wear, the more healthy you become.

Women always think that it is not very important to look nice and be dressed up in good maternity clothes when they are pregnant.  Pregnant women forget about themselves and their looks when they are pregnant, and their centre of  attention is the baby inside them. . All they are seen in is some largemisfit dresses.

Times have changed. Women no longer shy away from wearing beautiful pregnancy/maternity dresses  when they are pregnant. Giving birth to a baby doesn’t anymore hold you back from wearing what you love to wear and looking wonderful as ever. Designer maternity wear is a trend today, and every woman loves the various types of maternity clothing that are available in the market especially for the pregnant women.

Things to avoid –

  • Tight clothes that stick to your body and doesn’t allow your body to breathe and feel good.

When the first trimester begins, you will have to go through morning sicknesses and nausea. You will be suffering from indigestion also. If you wear trousers or tight dresses your stomach will not be at ease at all. For that scenario, it is wise to wear loose clothes that don’t feel tight around your waist


  • Because of the hormonal changes that you experience during the pregnancy, you will feel hot and sweaty. So, avoid fabrics such as leather and jeans that intensify the condition .To feel the cool breeze, wear light clothes. Too tight garments will suffocate you and you will feel the heat at an extended level.
  • Avoid jeans pants, tight trousers as you near the delivery date.

In this time, every pregnant woman put on weight, so for that, their thighs brush against each other. Which can cause bruises? To avoid that wearing dresses and skirts are the best instead of jeans and trousers. Dresses and skirts will let air pass on the area, which pants cannot.

Outfits to buy –

  • There can be no other fabric as comfortable as cotton when it comes to pregnancy. Cotton is light, easy to wear and very comfortable. It is breathable and the best choice during maternity.
  • Outfits such as frocks, long skirts, loose gowns and maxi dresses are the best when you are pregnant. You can also wear long dresses custom made for pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women tend to gain weight in their thighs. So, rubbing of the thighs can cause bruises. To avoid this situation, you should wear airy dresses that let your thighs breathe and move easily.
  • Cotton innerwear is recommended to control sweating and rashes.
  • Any dress that does not put pressure on your belly is good to wear during pregnancy.
  • You can wear a pair of pyjamas when you are home. Night dresses that are loose and comfortable are also okay.
  • Try layering your clothes as it helps you hide your weight and also keep you warm and protected. This is especially good for women who work, as it can shift the attention form their belly. You can layer a spaghetti strapped top with a long cotton shrug on the outside. This is comfortable and easy to wear. Pair it with a loose skirt or a trouser that you can wear above the bump. Do not use belts or any other tight outfits around the waist.

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